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Are you looking to serve your top-quality dishes in top-quality venue?

Many organisers of culinary events have found their way to Intertent’s doorstep over the past couple of years. We provide accommodations for dozens of culinary events each year.

  • Happy faces
    Be happy

    A warm welcome with a smile.

  • A great atmosphere

    A stylish culinary event with a great atmosphere.

  • Outdoors

    Our pavilions are particularly inviting.

  • The sun is out!

    Tasteful in every way.

  • Great facilities

    Perfect facilitation for culinary events.

  • Attention to detail

    Enjoying a tasty meal in a tasteful setting.

  • Design

    To create continuity, we can continue the inside décor on the outside.

  • Perfect ambience

    With our elegant Pagoda Tents, we create the perfect ambience.

Culinary events require a nice atmosphere, which allows people to enjoy delicious dishes and wonderful beverages. Outdoor culinary events tend to make use of temporary accommodations. Intertent has mastered the art of providing accommodations for culinary events and will ensure your tent is just as tasteful as your dishes.


An amazing culinary experience at an Intertent tent

Intertent offers a wide range of accommodation types for culinary events, allowing us to create any atmosphere you desire, whether playful or luxurious, but most of all ensuring a hospitable one. If you like, Intertent can also provide all of the necessary facilities for your temporary accommodation, ranging from bathroom facilities, storage spaces and sound systems, to upholstery, climate control and kitchen facilities.

Many years of experience in providing accommodation for culinary events

Intertent has been closely involved in various leading culinary events for many years now, such as Taste of Amsterdam, Bourgondisch Bergen, and many others.

Would you like more information about the various possibilities?

If you would like more information about renting a tent for your culinary event, please feel free to contact us via email or phone, and we would be happy to tell you about all of the possibilities. We would also be happy to come see you to talk in person.