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Temporary housing

Are you experiencing an acute lack of space due to unforeseen circumstances?

Temporary accommodations by Intertent are quick and suitable solutions. We offer various temporary accommodation possibilities that can help manage situations such as fire, storm, or water-related damage or accidents. Moreover, we are highly experienced when it comes to safely accommodating refugees.

  • Extra space

    An extension for your current building is easily arranged.

  • Temporary storage

    A quick to build temporary warehouse at your location for extra storage space.

  • Dry and safe
    Feel secure

    A safe spot for your valuable materials within 24 hours.

  • Accommodation

    When time is of the essence and a safe place to sleep is the main priority.

  • Lecture hall

    A temporary lecture hall with all the required facilities for your students.

  • Regardless of the weather
    Continued construction

    A canopy for your construction site will ensure that the work can continue undisturbed and according to schedule.

  • Office space

    For when you suddenly need additional office space.

Temporary space in the case of an emergency

You can always end up in an emergency situation unexpectedly, due to a fire or a leak, for instance. This can turn into a very unpleasant and expensive affair if it turns out that your building is (temporarily) unsuitable for use. In such an event, you cannot afford for your business operations to come to a complete hold on top of everything else. Intertent’s temporary accommodations can be of great help in these kinds of unexpected emergencies.


Temporary accommodations for renovations

We also offer solutions for during renovations, so that you will be able to continue servicing your customers. There are many possibilities, ranging from temporary retail units to semi-permanent storage spaces.


Temporary accommodation for storage purposes

There are various reasons you might need additional space for storage purposes. If this ever happens, Intertent has all of the necessary materials at its disposal to be able to offer you a solution quickly. Our temporary accommodation options always look neat, professional, and representative.

On top of that, Intertent can equip the temporary accommodation with extras such as an overhead door, industrial-grade lighting, or a climate control system.


Flexible temporary accommodations

Flexibility is the key word describing Intertent’s temporary accommodations. No matter the time or the place, Intertent is at your service. We will provide you with temporary accommodations as soon as possible, within 24 hours if needed.


Would you like more information about the various possibilities?

If you would like more information about renting a temporary accommodation from Intertent, please feel free to contact us via email or phone, and we would be happy to tell you about all of the possibilities. We would also be happy to come see you and talk in person.

All temporary housing solutions

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