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Alu Pavilion

The Alu Pavilion is a multifunctional, modern tent with an aluminium truss frame. A special feature is its curved ridge. The design is very stylish, but also highly aerodynamic to ensure that the tent makes for a comfortable stay even if there is a firm wind.

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The Alu Pavilion comes with white plastic wall panels, a white canvas roof, and white facades, but these can also be replaced with luxury glass panels or side canvasses featuring arched windows to allow for panoramic views. On top of that, the Alu Pavilion features wooden cassette flooring and luxury glass doors with push bars.

Our Alu Pavilion can easily be connected to existing buildings or other accommodation and can be installed quickly under any circumstances due to its modular design. The Alu Pavilion meets the most stringent European standards with regards to construction and fire safety.


Dimensions: available in 8, 10, 12, 15, 20, and 25 metres wide, and expandable in length in 5-metre increments.


Lighting and sound

Electronic facilities




Heating and air conditioning

Safety provisions

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De Alu Vision is helemaal nieuw bij Intertent. Deze accommodatie onderscheidt zich door de horizontale wand- en glaspanelen...

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